Transportation Consent Form

Every attempt is made to know the temperament of every pet before pickup is made. While it is nice to know that a dog is happy or nice, we are looking for any known behavior that may manifest as dangerous to the pet or handler.

Please note that some pets will behave different when placed in a stressful situation. Behaviors such as chewing, snapping, scratching, biting, eating things off the ground are what we need to know to ensure we can make the necessary provisions. Dogs known to be chewers will have limited use of blankets in their kennels, as they may ingest them.

Has your pet ever

Gill Bright Animal Hospital agrees to provide all pet care services in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. I understand that it is Gill Bright Animal Hospital’s (GBAH) sole responsibility, with regard to my pet(s), to act with reasonable care. If my pet becomes ill, injured, dies and/or escapes while in the custody and care of GBAH (whether such illness, injury, or death is discovered while in the custody of GBAH or afterwards), I agree that if GBAH acted with reasonable care, I shall not bring any claim, suit, or action of any kind against GBAH arising out of the illness, injury or death of my pet(s).

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