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Sherwood Gill

I grew up with pets as a child. I had turtles, dogs, cats, lizards, and snakes in my room. At some point I knew I would like to work with animals in some way as an adult. Because I wanted to help animals the best way I could, I knew I would have to spend a lot of time studying. I also wanted to work at a vet’s office to see how I would like it as a career. I knew I wanted to go to LSU Vet school. I was so lucky to have Dr. Morris take me under his wing and allow me to see all sides of veterinary medicine. His guidance was the most important aspect with me deciding to be a vet. I owe him for my choice to becoming a veterinarian. I have been very lucky to do what I love for over 40 years. I have had such great people to work for me over the years and owe them for any success that I have. Our clients are my friends and I am amazed how much they do for the love of their pets. Outside of practicing medicine, I enjoy fishing and boats in general. I normally run and swim every day to exercise. I’ve started to travel a little more and enjoy Costa Rica and Mexico fishing. I spend 24 hours a day with my dog, Creola and have two awesome children, Cameron & Haley.