Brayton Hammes

What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer for me was always a veterinarian. From playing with bullfrogs in the mud at 5 years old, to wanting every stray dog that showed up at our property, to being the crazy obsessed horse girl, I adored all animals big and small ever since I can remember. I grew up Catholic in the Cajun Country of Lafayette, Louisiana and my goal to obtain this dream of a career was set early. After 2 years of undergrad at LSU, I obtained my Bachelors degree and got the exciting news of my acceptance into the LSU Vet School. Throughout my four years, my love and respect for the profession only grew.

While in clinics, I visited Gill Bright Animal Hospital and fell in love with everything the clinic had to offer. The staff was extremely genuine and caring. The doctors poured their minds and hearts into every case. The hospital itself offerered things that other hospitals did not have, such as endoscopy, a canine blood bank, and the ability to have certain specialists come to the clinic once to twice a month for the patients that need extra attention. After graduating in May of 2023, I accepted a job offer at Gill Bright and I couldn’t be happier serving the community of southwest Louisiana. Aside from work, I enjoy hunting, fishing, attending adoration, and traveling with my husband.