The animal and human world is driven by four main biological imperatives: sustenance, shelter, self-preservation…and sex. Humans have somewhat been able to quiet down that last one in order to live a well-adjusted life in society. Animals, however, have no obligation to censor themselves in their quest for a partner.

Mating behaviors in cats and dogs are a tad different than the ones humans employ. They don’t send flowers or chocolates, but female will urinate frequently, which acts as a “calling card” of sorts; their urine is full of pheromones that males can detect. Males, on the other hand, will display heightened aggression (to fight off competitors and impress the ladies). Males are also known to roam blocks or even miles from home on the hunt for a mate. They’re following the pheromones that the females leave for them. Ah, the things we do for love.

Of course, pet owners don’t love the idea of escapee dogs and spray-happy cats. Best answer? Spay and neuter your pets! This will decrease the level of sex hormones raging around in your furry friends that makes them act like the world is ending if they don’t find a mate. We’ve all been there, but honestly, it’s time to calm down.

Spaying Bella also means she won’t go into heat, and subsequently won’t need to advertise that to thirsty local males. It will also prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which can be malignant in a majority of cats and dogs. If she doesn’t have reproductive organs, she can’t get reproductive cancer! This applies to males too, as neutering will prevent testicular cancer in Beaux. Sterilizing your pets won’t make them gain weight, either! Overfeeding and lack of exercise are the only things to blame for that.

By spaying and neutering your pets, you are doing your part in reducing the overpopulation problem facing our communities today. There are record levels of stray cats and dogs and unwanted litters, who pack the shelters full and ultimately result in euthanasia for those that don’t find homes. Sterilizing your pet will literally save lives! It’s more cost-effective, since paying for one surgery is cheaper (and easier) than taking a litter of puppies to the vet and finding good homes for each of them.

Luckily, your other family doctor is here to help you with all your pet surgery needs! Our knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions about spaying or neutering your pet. We’ll be there all the way through their recovery, with plenty of treats along the way. And for the month of November, we’re doing discounts on spays and neuters! You will receive $15 off for cats and $20 off for dogs. Give us a call so we can set an appointment for your fur baby.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and good luck with all your holiday shopping!