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Genetic Testing

Pet DNA Test

Many of your dog’s traits, such as their personality and appearance, are closely linked to their genetics. Gill Bright Animal Hospital offers pet DNA testing services to help you learn more about your furry friend, including which health issues they may be at an increased risk for based on their breed.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Pet’s Genetic Information

A small amount of DNA contained in saliva or a blood sample can hold the key to an array of insights about your pet’s ancestry, as well as their future. Whether you want to know how big your dog may grow or learn whether they have a genetic marker for a specific condition, genetic testing is an affordable alternative to waiting until your pet stops growing or requires treatment. With this information, you can help your pet live their happiest, healthiest life, ensuring they have the preventive care they may need. These tests can reveal information about:

  • Your pet’s breed: Whether you own a purebred or a mixed breed, genetic testing can confirm their ancestry, providing our veterinary team with more information about your pet’s needs.
  • Their body and behavior: If you’re unsure how much your young pet will grow or want to know why they have certain behavioral tendencies, their genetic information may tell you.
  • Your dog’s potential health risks: Whether you know your dog’s breed is at an increased risk of developing a certain condition or you’re unsure what breed-specific concerns you should have, a pet DNA test can give our veterinary team the information we need to catch potential issues early.
  • The best lifestyle for their needs: The best nutrition plan for your pet, how much exercise they need, what preventative medical care we should provide and other lifestyle requirements often depend on your pet’s genetics.

About Gill Bright Animal Hospital’s DNA Testing Services

The sample collected for DNA testing will vary depending on the type of test you request. Still, both collection methods are fast and painless. In most cases, a member of our veterinary team will collect a DNA sample by swabbing cells from the inside of your pet’s cheek. However, some veterinarians use blood samples.

As enhanced testing technology becomes more accessible, running multiple genetic tests is inexpensive. In most cases, owners opting for genetic testing prefer to run a full profile instead of predicting which tests are the most relevant for their pet. At Gill Bright Animal Hospital, we can use pet DNA tests to:

  • Screen for individual conditions: Typically, our veterinarian team recommends this test to verify whether a specific medical issue a present.
  • Develop an ancestry profile for mixed-breed dogs: This test can determine which breeds make up your dog’s genetic history.
  • Test for species-specific predispositions: These tests help to identify common conditions within a particular breed.
  • Create a full genetic attribute profile: This test is ideal for mixed-breed, hybrid and purebred pets and tests for multiple medical conditions and traits at once.

Do you need help determining which tests may be best for your furry friend? Our experienced team can discuss your concerns and recommend individual tests or a complete profile.

How Accurate Are Pet DNA Test Results?

Pet genetic tests have no mandatory standards to meet, meaning the only measure of accuracy comes from the companies creating these tests. While a lack of federal regulations means DNA test results may have inaccuracies, you can take a few steps to find the most reliable testing options.

Genetic information’s accuracy largely depends on the existing database’s size. Professional veterinary clinics should only offer testing that draws from a significant pool. Gill Bright Animal Hospital works with reputable companies that provide trusted results based on an extensive database.

Understanding What Your Pet’s Results Mean

Our team can also help you understand the difference between a predisposition and a diagnosis. Your pet may have a genetic marker for a specific condition but never develop that health issue. We may recommend preventive care to help your pet feel their best and catch any potential illnesses early, but our veterinarians will emphasize that your pet may be perfectly healthy.

Schedule a DNA Test for Your Pet Today

As a pet owner, keeping your pet happy and healthy is always a priority. By scheduling a pet DNA test with Gill Bright Animal Hospital, you can gain a deeper insight into your pet, including their predispositions and their likelihood of developing certain conditions. Contact our Lake Charles, Louisiana, office by calling 337-477-4252 or completing our online contact form today!