If there’s one thing the COVID-19 outbreak has taught me, it’s that touching my face is apparently my favorite thing to do. This new strain of coronavirus has greatly impacted life as a society, down to the most minute pleasures of life. We’re suddenly not allowed to go out to eat or go to a movie. Weddings are being cancelled and we’re all out of toilet paper!Our hands are drier than ever from all the washing. To top it all off, we’re stuck inside. It’s not fun per se, but it’s what we have to do.

Surely by now you know all the guidelines recommended by the CDC to curb the spread of COVID-19 in your community. But are you up-to-date on the info pertaining to your pets? If you’re quarantined, don’t forget that they are too. Thankfully, the evidence suggests the virus cannot be spread through pets. Keep an eye on the news, though, in case more facts come to light. Go ahead and hug on your fur babies during this trying time. We all need it. Just be sure to wash your hands any time after handling animals, since animals are known to spread other kinds of diseases.

As you’re keeping your distance socially these days, don’t forget about your pups and kitties!Keep away from public spaces like dog parks. Take them on your sanity walks (what I’ve come to call them) around the block, but remember to stay away from anyone else you run into in your neighborhood. Stock up on food, treats, and medicine. You can utilize our delivery service for food or medications. We will adhere to normal business hours during this time, so when an emergency strikes we’ll be ready. Take advantage of our curbside vet visits or patient pickup as extra precautionary measures. Check out our website to learn more.Y’all stay safe and sane out there!