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Heartworms. You probably know about them. You probably pick up heartworm prevention at the vet whenever you think about it. You probably know they’re not a super great issue for your pet to have, but you also probably think it would never happen to your pet. Since the topic of transmittable disease is all we [...]

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Summer Reminders

Hello! I’d like to congratulate you for making it to the summer of 2020. We’ve made it through a LOT this year already, and if you’re still sane, that’s pretty impressive. While the humans try to navigate the “new normal” of the world this summer, here are some tips to help keep your pets happy [...]

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Cats & COVID

Don’t freak out, but cats can contract COVID-19. Seriously, please don’t be alarmed. Let me explain. A new study has shown that felines can indeed catch the infamous virus we just can’t seem to get rid of, and they can also pass it to other cats. To be fair, the study was done under controlled [...]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Update

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 outbreak has taught me, it’s that touching my face is apparently my favorite thing to do. This new strain of coronavirus has greatly impacted life as a society, down to the most minute pleasures of life. We’re suddenly not allowed to go out to eat or go to a [...]

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Microchip Madness

Your dog missed the bus home from his fulfilling and high-paying job as a treat-tester. Your cat lost her phone on a spring break road trip and now you can’t get ahold of her. A strange dog with a foreign accent shows up at your door. He thought his family died long ago, but has [...]

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February Dental Month

Don’t ask me about the last time I went to the dentist. I don’t want everyone to know that the last time I went (four years ago), they found six cavities and I’ve been too mortified to go back since. That’s pretty sad, because I have thumbs and know how to brush my teeth. I’m [...]

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Senior Wellness

Is your furry friend 7 years old or more? Are they getting gray hairs and an increasingly shorter temper? Does he or she bark at kids to get off their lawn? If so, then your family pet can officially become a member of (the made up) AARPets Club! Membership includes a discounted senior wellness package [...]

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Spaying & Neutering Your Pet

The animal and human world is driven by four main biological imperatives: sustenance, shelter, self-preservation…and sex. Humans have somewhat been able to quiet down that last one in order to live a well-adjusted life in society. Animals, however, have no obligation to censor themselves in their quest for a partner. Mating behaviors in cats and [...]

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Halloween treats for your pup

It’s finally October! We’ve made it through the stifling Louisiana summer and we are now greeted with cool weather and spooky good times. You may break out the scary movies, go costume shopping, or visit a haunted house, but the best part of the Halloween season is the candy. Best for humans, anyway. Below is [...]

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August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

How are we celebrating? By turning awareness into understanding! Vaccines are a pretty hot topic these days, but did you know that the first dog vaccine wasn’t developed until 1979? The combination of people and pets receiving immunizations has helped wipe out diseases like rabies nearly completely! You’ve almost definitely heard of rabies. You know [...]

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